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» Lazio

Provinces in the region Lazio

  • Frosinone
  • Latina
  • Rieti
  • Rome
  • Viterbo
Places of interest Lazio

Tourist information Lazio

The Lazio region comprises five provinces: Frosinone, Latina, Rieti, Viterbo and Rome as its capital. It is located in central Italy and borders to the north with Tuscany, Umbria and the Marche, in the south-west is washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, south-east with Campania and to the east by the Abruzzo and Molise . Lazio is extended by the Apennines until the Tyrrhenian Sea and the surrounding area is characterized by mountainous and hilly areas, the latter mainly located in coastal areas. The Terminillo (2213 meters) is the highest mountain and is situated between the mountains and the Monti Sabini Reatini. Not a few rivers flowing in Lazio, such as Martha and the Fiora, but the main one is the Tiber River (405 km), the third-longest Italian river. It is located on Chimney Mountain (Romagna) through a short section of Tuscany, Umbria and then passes slowly come to Rome and finally flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea. Frosinone is one of the provinces of Lazio, its territory covers a large part of the basin of the rivers Liri and Sacco, is mostly surrounded by mountain ranges, among many others are the Ernici and Lepine Mountains. Latin instead is between the mouths of the river Astura and the Garigliano river and the lake of Fogliano is the largest salt lake in the province. The National Park of Circeo is definitely a wonderful landscape to observe through which you can go hiking is not particularly difficult. It is also world heritage site, title awarded by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve is of great importance. Rieti, another province of Lazio, has a mainly mountainous and important is the presence of the artificial lakes: Lake Salto and Turano Lake. The territory of Viterbo can be divided into four main geographical areas: the eastern part watered by the Tiber, the area of ??the Cimini Mountains, the area to the north-west is hilly and finally the coastal area and flat. Rome, the capital of Lazio and the capital of the Italian Republic, is the most populous province of Italy. It is crossed by the Tiber and dall'Aniene, there are also lakes and across major remember the Lake Bracciano and Lake Albano. Of course, the mountain ranges are present as the Tolfa mountains and Monti Sabatini.

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