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» Basilicata

Provinces in the region Basilicata

  • Matera
  • Potenza
Places of interest Basilicata

Tourist information Basilicata

The provinces are two of the region Basilicata Matera and Potenza capital. It is bordered on the south by Calabria, north and east with the west Puglia and Campania; along two seas, south-west and south-east Tyrrhenian Sea to the Ionian Sea. Most of the territory of Basilicata is mountainous hilly and flat, the hills are composed of clay soil. The lakes in the region are both of an artificial lake as the Stone of Pertusillo and Monte Cotugno that as the lake of volcanic origin Monticchio. The capital of Basilicata, Potenza, is the highest regional capital of Italy. Of significant importance is the church of S. Francis (1274) which retains the Piet by Pietrafesa. A power there is also the National Archaeological Museum of Basilicata "Dinu Adamesteanu" within which reside the archaeological finds in the region. Even the municipal parks and green areas are not lacking. For example, we find the town park of Santa Maria or the park Montereale. As for the woods and forests are all outfitted much like the forest or forest Sellata Rifreddo. The other is the province of Basilicata Matera which is washed by the Ionian Sea. Geographically speaking is constituted by two different types of land: a hilly and the other flat. There are many important industrial settlements which are located in the valley of Basento which is at the center of the region. About 30% of the province of Potenza and the remaining 70% in Matera. The province is known as the city of the Sassi. Basilicata is joined the UNESCO declared World Heritage Site. The Sassi of Matera are a unique urban ecosystem and are the result of a careful use of natural resources such as soil and water energy.

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