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» Apulia

Provinces in the region Apulia

  • Bari
  • Barletta-Andria-Trani
  • Brindisi
  • Foggia
  • Lecce
  • Taranto
Places of interest Apulia

Tourist information Apulia

The Puglia region is located in southern Italy, is made up of six provinces: the capital of Bari, Barletta-Andria-Trani, Brindisi, Foggia, Lecce and Taranto. If Calabria is the toe of Italy, Puglia is its heel. It is bordered to the north and east by the Adriatic Sea, on the west by the region of Basilicata, Campania and Molise and south by the Ionian Sea. The territory is mostly flat and hilly and only for the? 1.5% is mountainous, the highest peak is Mount Cornacchia located in the Apennine Dauno. The plains are formed by Tavoliere which is the second largest after the Po Valley. The ribs are rather long and 833 km are both rocky and sandy; Tremiti Islands, the islands and the island of St. Andrew Cheradi belong to Puglia. The rivers of some importance are Ofanto and Fortore. Bari, the capital, is located in the center of the region and its territory is occupied by murge (pads that go beyond 600 meters) in which there is the Alta Murgia National Park. Of significant importance for the tourism sector is Alberobello, a town in which there are very particular houses, the trulli, which UNESCO declared World Heritage Site. The province of Barletta-Andria-Trani is predominantly crossed dall'Ofanto which is the longest in the region. Brindisi, a maximum height of 414 meters in the area of ??Selva Fasano. The archaeological sites are many and are part of different ages starting from prehistoric times up to the Middle Ages. Even natural areas are not lacking, for example, there is the Regional Natural Reserve oriented Vosco of Santa Teresa and Lucci. Foggia however, is the second largest province in Italy and the coast province is a major tourist center. Lecce province of Puglia, Salento includes the Serre (hills), and the coastline is characterized by beaches of fine sand. There are also many natural caves such as Zinzulusa. The remaining Taranto province where there is a production of DOC wines such as sweet Aleatico di Puglia Primitivo di Manduria natural or natural sweet liqueur. Some of the most important tourist areas are the towns of Castellaneta Marina or Marina Ginosa.

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