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 B&B Gulp 
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Via Sandro Pertini 23
00033 Cave (Rome, Lazio)
Type: B&B
Location: B&B Gulp
Accommodation: B&B Gulp
To explore ..., Gulpbb is the place!

You will have the opportunity to spend a holiday exploring those places unknown to most, but treasures to discover.

In addition, we are ready to advise you to let you go, if you want, every day a new village or lunch in a typical restaurant in the area, enjoy beautiful folk events and festivals or make excursions that will make you fully appreciate our land. For children, however, will have the opportunity to get him to spend a beautiful day at the park Rainbow Magicland Valmontone. Finally, you can also walk around and go shopping in the many shops of 'Fashion Outlet Distict always Valmontone.

For our part we will not miss the hospitality to make you feel at ease.
The property consists of two bedrooms and two bathrooms for a total of 7 beds. There is also a large common room for breakfast and relax and a beautiful garden available for guests.
Breakfast, garden, relaxation area
We are in a quiet and green residential area within the City of Cave
Kind of Vacation:
  • Pets and small animals (dogs, cats, etc) are not allowed.
  • The accommodation is located near nature, countryside and landscape.
  • Email request for information or booking
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